Wastewater reuse for agriculture / Reutilización de aguas residuales para la agricultura

May - May 11 15
In arid and semiarid regions, suffering from growing water scarcity, water quality deterioration and the uncertainties of climate change, non-conventional water resources development and use for agricultureis of utmost importance in responding to the increasing food demandof the rapidly and ever-growing population.

Fecha: 17-Dec-2019


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In this regard, where theavailable water for agriculture is decreasing, the safe use of treatedwastewater should be largely adopted. Treated, partially treated, oruntreated wastewater has been used in agriculture for many years andin many parts of the world, but currently the challenge is to provideend-users with economically feasible water treatment technologies, protocols, guidelines and effective practices for reclaimed water use, considering safety, environmental, socio-economic and legalconstraints.

This should be reinforced by promoting social acceptanceand providing recommendations to policy makers to overcomechallenges regarding public perception. This advanced course aims to integrate the key elements and technologies involved in the reuse of wastewater for agriculture toenhance the capacity of professionals working in this field. It focuseson the adoption of evidence-based solutions of reuse of treatedwastewater at watershed and farm levels and its environmental andsafety impacts, according to the principle of integrated water resourcesmanagement and the circular economy approach.